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According to recent data, people spend almost seven hours a day online, using both the internet and social media. In terms of social media usage, it was found that people spend 23.7 hours per month on YouTube.

For this reason, many brands across all industries have been using videos as part of their branding strategy. That much time being spent on the internet gives you more opportunities to get in front of your target audience.

Put out engaging videos that Toronto customers will connect with. Invest in branded marketing video production today.

What is Branded Video Production?

Branded videos are different from typical corporate videos that show who and what the company is. While this is an effective strategy, branded videos take it even further. It shows customers why a company does what it does. This connects with customers in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Toronto branded video production are aimed to further strengthen your brand. They can be about issues and scripted dialogues, shying away from any promotional messaging. All these are done with the company’s brand in the background.

The significance of these types of videos makes it crucial to get the right brand marketing video production services. This ensures you get the results you need plus more.

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Best Practices for a Branded Marketing Video Production

Creating some stellar video content is a great way for your business to stand out. Here are a few of the things to consider when you want high-quality branded videos in Toronto.

  • Establish your branding goals. Every successful venture starts with a goal. This serves as your guide during planning and execution.
  • Know your target market. Different types of messages and video content resonate with different types of customers. Tailor Toronto branded videos to your audience.
  • Keep it short and simple. One characteristic of effective branded video production is its simplicity. Avoid saying too much or adding a lot of details to keep your audience engaged.
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The Brand Marketing Video Production Process

  1. Pre-Production: This is the first phase of video production. This is where we create a detailed plan for your video. This includes:
  • Establishing the goal of the video
  • Identifying your audience
  • Creating a storyboard
  • The resources needed to execute the plan
  1. Production: This involves the actual filming process. Once you’ve mapped out your plan, the production process becomes more organized. You have an established timeline, know your setup, and the like.
  1. Post-Production: This is where you piece together all your content to create the story you want to put out. This includes video editing, recording voiceovers, inputting music, and so on.

How to Choose a Best Toronto Brand Video Production Company?

When looking for a brand video marketing agency, it’s crucial to choose an experienced brand video production company. Here in Toronto, Gold Media is your top choice.

For years, we’ve created brand videos for a variety of clients. We have the right tools and equipment to get the job done. Feel free to view our gallery to see our work, or contact us today for a free consultation.



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