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Breathtaking Photography & Video Production Starts With Excellent Equipment Maintenance


Creating top quality photography and video production experiences for each and every client means we always take the necessary care to ensure that our digital camera equipment and accessories are maintained using our industry’s best practices.

What Does This Do For You?

Taking special care of all our photography and video production equipment will provide our clients with memorable images that help tell their unique story. Portrait photography requires pristine lenses to capture that beautiful. Event photography may require specific accessories to protect the equipment from the elements during your special event. Whatever your photography needs, Gold MEDIA will always have our digital cameras and other equipment ready for any situation because capturing your amazing moment is our first priority.

What Kind of Care Is Needed for Photography & Video Production Equipment?

Camera bodies, lenses, lighting, audio equipment and accessories are very important assets to Gold MEDIA and require proper and special attention. We care about our equipment because with working, well-maintained equipment we can make certain that your portraits or special event’s images and videos are captured in the best way possible. Properly cleaning and storage of our lenses, ensuring batteries are charged and memory cards are kept in cool, dry environments are just a few things we do to ensure that our equipment is always in top form.

Why Is Equipment Maintenance So Important To Us?

  • Creating Something Special: With over 15 years of experience in event photography in Toronto, Gold MEDIA believes that digital camera maintenance should be an important part of any full service professional photography approach. Taking stunning photos during each portrait or event photography session is our top priority. We believe breathtaking photos means starting with the best quality equipment.
  • Reduced Delays: With excellent, well-working equipment, there are never any unnecessary delays or on site issues during an event.
  • Client Satisfaction is our motto: Our clients’ satisfaction is our primary consideration because we know time is precious. We will never hold up anyone because of faulty or uncared-for photography equipment and/or accessories. We always have the most up-to-date, appropriate and well-maintained equipment for your portrait photography sessions or special events. We are ready to capture the images you want.

Our commitment to constantly upgrade our equipment, ensuring our digital cameras are of the highest quality while keeping in line with the latest industry trends is one of the major factors for our increased popularity and client referrals.

Let us help you capture your milestone event or special portrait experience and make it remarkable. Gold MEDIA’S experienced portrait and event photography experts are ready to take special care of your portrait or event photography. Available throughout Toronto and the GTA, contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

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