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First panorama from AutoStitch app (and app review!)

Howdy!  This is the first image I took with the AutoStitch app I just downloaded to my iPhone.
Not bad!  It’s not Photoshop but for a camera phone it’s pretty darn good.  It is a combination of about 7 images.  The final image weighs in at 1Meg and almost 4MP.  What do you think?
(BTW, that’s my coffee on the far left! I put it down to try out the new app)

The AutoStitch app is available in Apple’s app store for $1.99.  It couldn’t be simpler to use.  You simply use the iphone’s standard camera and take a series of images.  They could be left to right, right to left, high to low, low to high, or a combination of these.  The key is that you must overlap some of the photos.  For example, take the gas station near the left of the image.  If my first image has the gas station in the middle of the frame, then the next image I take to the right should include a good portion of the right side of the gas station in that next image, and so on.  This gives the stitching software some landmarks on two shots to help it put things together.  Once all your images are taken, go into the AutotStitch app, select all the images you want it to use for the panorama, and hit the “Stitch” button.  The software puts all the images together and tries to blend them to the best of it’s ability.  When it’s done it will give you the opportunity to drag a few corner sliders to crop your image (trust me, you will need to do this).  From there you can save it to your phone’s photo library, manipulate it with other apps, or share it with you friends.

Let me know if you have any questions…


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