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“Found In The Attic – Glory Days At The Zoo”


Here’s another quick one from the history of the Toronto Zoo, and sadly it’s a site that won’t be seen there any longer.  The attached file shows a postcard of a large herd of eight African Elephants strolling around their new home at the zoo.  As you may know, the elephants have recently left the zoo, likely never to return.  It was finally decided that the cold Canadian winter was particularly detrimental to the elephants, as was the need to keep them indoors all winter.  So, these mighty beats, and my favourite animal, have left the zoo.
The postcard lists a series of summer events at the zoo, including public feedings of many animals and the chance to meet some of the animal keepers (I think they still do this).  The prices of tours are listed, and once again it shows how far inflation has affected our lives.  The price of a zoomobile ride (which they still have) was $1.
Strangely, the photo was taken by a photographer from Ireland, and the postcard was printed there too.  Didn’t we have any photographers and printers in Toronto back then?!  More 2 come…