“Found In The Attic – Star Wars Action Figures (Part 1)”

Oh boy this takes me back!  The attached image shows the first part of a flyer for original Star Wars figures from the late 70s.  This was about the time that George Lucas started to become more interested in merchandising than movie-making, which seemingly continues to the present day.
Anyway, the first few pages of this flyer show the action figures available at that point in time.  Most are about 30cm tall, except Darth Vader and Chewbacca (38cm) and R2-D2 and the Jawas (20cm).  It’s strange that the Jawas are even offered as action figures as they were in the movie for probably less than 10 minutes.  Same goes for Boba Fett — he wasn’t even in the first movie!  The flyer says he is “soon to be a major character in the Star Wars sequel”.  Not in my opinion.
Also here are the Storm Troopers, probably the least accurate shooters in movie history, and Han Solo who is listed as the “cynical and over-confident pilot of the Millennium Falcon”.
I’ll be honest, I had a bunch of these action figures and loved them!  I also had the X-Wing Fighter which we’ll see in the next post.  More 2 come…

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