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“Found In The Attic – Star Wars Action Figures (Part 2)”


Part 2 of the Star Wars Action Figures flyer shows three larger vehicles in George Lucas’ ever-expanding merchandising empire. 
The first one is the “Land of the Jawas” playset.  As I mentioned in the previous post, the Jawas were barely in the original movie so getting their own vehicle in this lineup is pretty impressive, especially since the final time this vehicle is seen in the movie it has been burned by the Storm Troopers and everyone onboard has been destroyed.  What fun for kids to re-enact this!!
The next vehicle simply kicks butt.  If I could have had any vehicle in this flyer (part 3 and 4 to come later), it would be this — the Millennium Falcon.  Just look at that thing!  It has everything — the cockpit, the satellite dish (for picking up interstellar ESPN), the hidden cargo hold under the floor boards, and more.  It even has the game table for pretending to play that holographic chess game from the movie!  Awesome.
The 3rd vehicle on this page is bizarre.  Call me crazy, but I don’t recall a van in the movie!  The flyer invites you to “join in the custom van craze”.  What are you supposed to do with this, put your action figures in it and pretend to drive around?  Very strange.
The other thing that gets me about this page is that it must have been a huge tease for the two kids in the photos to play with these toys/prototypes during the photo shoot and then have to leave them behind.  Seriously, these were THE toys in the late 70s, and seeing something like the Millennium Falcon would have almost made your head explode.  Then to have to leave the toy behind would have been brutal.  More 2 come…