Highly Recommended — Hoodman SLR Screen Loupe 3″


Here is a product I can’t do without!  I have been using the Hoodman SLR Screen Loupe for a year now and I find it indispensable.  At $100 it is not cheap, but then again it is much less expensive than some other loupes out there (like the Z-Finder at $430).  
If you have ever struggled to see the image on the back screen of your camera in bright sunlight, or have ever had difficulty focusing our camera for HD video shoots, this is the product for you!  The loupe blocks out the sun so you can see your screen crisply and clearly, which helps you analyze the photo you just took and helps focus your subject while shooting HD video with your SLR camera.  I have also found it to be a great focal point for stabilizing the camera when panning around while shooting HD video.
I have added the 3x magnifier cap that Hoodman also sells to really see my camera’s screen close-up.
Check out the screen loupe here.
All the best,
— John