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How Real Estate Video Marketing Sells More Property in Toronto


It is not uncommon knowledge that real estate is one of the most robust markets out there. With such a competitive industry, standing out is always going to be a challenge.

In recent years, technology has played a key role in getting in front of your target clients. A survey conducted in 2018 found that 93% of home searches were done through an online website. This means more and more people rely on available information online to find their dream home.

The Impact of Real Estate Photography and Videography

Getting your website to stand out can be tricky. However, different forms of media like photos and videos can significantly make a difference.

The same survey found that 87% of buyers found photos to be a useful website feature. Photos, even videos, have a key role in getting your listings in front of your target clients. For this reason, it might be time to consider real estate photography in Toronto.

Unsure of where to start? Here are ways you can use videos and photography to sell more properties in Toronto, ON.

Make a Great First Impression: Real Estate Photography in Toronto

Since a lot of buyers search for homes online, your website design should immediately catch their attention. One way to do this is to include beautiful photos of your property listings.

It can be easy nowadays to take your own photos. However, professional real estate photography has so much to offer. They know the best angle to showcase your property in the best way. Aside from that, they can also correct some imperfections, like lighting and hue issues, to make your properties shine.

Virtual Tours Using Real Estate Videography in Toronto

Virtual tours are an effective alternative to open houses. 46% of buyers found virtual tours to be useful when searching for homes online. This is a great way to give interested clients a clearer image of the property listing.

For this reason, a professionally-made video can be the right move for you. This ensures your videos are shot well, with proper lighting and editing. This makes a great first impression on interested buyers.

Producing Creative Content

Aside from showing off the actual properties, another way to attract customers is through creative content. Photography and real estate videography in Toronto can be used to make:

  1. Lifestyle ads
  2. Home advice videos
  3. Branding videos
  4. Infographics

These types of content are not only fun but also engaging. These will make your website and social media platforms more dynamic and attractive to potential clients.

Your Trusted Photography and Video Production Company in Toronto, ON

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