Photo Restoration

Everyone seems to have old photos lying around these days. Maybe it’s a fading picture of your great-grandparents hanging on your living room wall. Maybe it’s one of those old panoramic high school photos with the entire student body in the picture. Or maybe it’s just a memorable image you took that has a distraction in it, like another person, cracks, discolorations, a sunflare, or just about anything else.

Gold Media Photography takes pride in our Photo Retouching and Restoration Service. With an exacting attention to detail, high-level Photoshop expertise, and superior customer care, we try and get your valuable images looking like new, to be enjoyed for future generations to come.

  • Let us see the image you want retouched/restored.  We will quickly be able to determine what is possible.
  • If the image is salvageable, we will give you an instant price quote (guaranteed not to change down the road) and an estimate of timing.
  • These projects usually will take less than a week to complete. Pricing will be determined based on the amount of work needed to be done on the image.  Restoration/Retouching prices start at $30 per image.
  • At the end of the project you will receive your original image back along with the retouched/restored image saved as a digital file on a CD.  You are free to print the new image yourself, or we can produce a professional quality print for you at the following prices: