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Humans are highly visual creatures. Visual displays keep us more attentive and engaged. As such, businesses always include visual materials in their marketing campaigns. These can include lights, colors, and high-quality product images and photographs.

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Professional Product Photography

Product photography is how you capture the best parts of a product. This is meant to create interest in the item. As a result, this encourages Toronto customers to make a buying decision.

It may seem easy enough to take a photo of your products. However, there is actually a lot of thought that goes into presenting your products in the best way. This includes:

  • Highlighting your brand
  • Choosing a theme
  • Proper lighting
  • Background
  • Styling props

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Types of Product Photography

  • Studio–this is used when you want to present your product in the simplest way possible. Product studio photography in Toronto lets you control different elements, like lights, contrasts, and more.
  • Lifestyle–this type is perfect when you want to show how the products are used in real life. Clothes, for example, are shot worn by models to give customers an idea of how it looks when worn.
  • White Background– this is popular among e-commerce websites. This is when the product is shown with a plain white background. It creates focus and displays your product in a clear, direct way.
  • Scale Shots–this technique gives the viewer a better idea of the product’s size.
  • Product Grouping– this puts the same product with different varieties in one photo. This is done so customers can compare and contrast each variant. For example, showcasing the same shoes with different colors, lipstick with different shades, and so on.

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Do I need a Toronto Product Photographer?

It’s quite true that taking a good photo these days is so easy. You can do the DIY route with just a little creativity. However, there is so much value in letting a professional handle your product photos.

Toronto product photographers have the right skills and experience. They have a good understanding of what works for different products and their audience. They also have the right tools and equipment to execute the look you are looking for.

The Best Product Photography Near You in Toronto

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frequently asked questions

Product photography is a type of commercial photography where you take photos of a business’s products. These photos are used mostly for advertising purposes.

This type of photography is focused on showcasing your products and their features. They are meant to be used to help attract your target customers to entice them to buy your products.
Product photography includes the ability to highlight crucial product features. This can be done through a professional set-up, the right lighting, and equipment.

Taking pictures of your products goes beyond the typical point-and-shoot. It involves conceptualizing, designing, and executing your vision. As such, it is integral to rely on the help of professional product photographers.
Different types of product photography depend on the type of product you have and the best way to showcase it.

Examples include individual shots, group shots, lifestyle shots, scale shots, white background photos, and more. Each type of shot is appropriate for specific uses. For example, white background shots are great for eCommerce websites.
The cost of product photography depends on how the professional photographers render service. Most often, photographers charge by the hour, day, number of products, number of images, and the like.

Another factor that affects costs is experience. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for, so be cautious about your choice. Contact us to get a quote on your product photography shoot.
If you are looking for a professional product photographer in Mississauga or the GTA, Gold Media is the best option for you!

We are a full-service professional photography and video production company. We work closely with our clients to establish their advertising goals. This lets us deliver high-quality images that will make your products stand out.



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