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Tips About Videography You Need To Know


Most people think that you can just pick up a camera, start shooting and whatever you end up with at the end of your first take will be perfect. Unfortunately, there is so much more that goes into producing a high quality video. Don’t worry though; there are some tips that can help to improve your videography skills.
Tips like:

  • Steady as she goes – Make sure to keep the camera steady at all times. If you can, use a tripod. This way there won’t be any shaky cam shots. Try not to zoom in and out or pan to the right or left often. It’s best to stay on a shot for a minimum of at least ten seconds.
  • Background – Always make sure to notice what’s in the background. You don’t want a tree to be sticking out of someone’s head in the shot. You can always move the camera for a better angle or move the subject in front of a good background. Of course, you could always create your own background. Ask yourself, does this background support the story you’re trying to tell?
  • Lighting – It’s important to make sure that your subjects are well lit. Use proper lighting. It’s also important that they’re not over-lit. For instance, don’t put a subject with their back to the sun. The same rules that apply to photography apply to videography.
  • Be aware of the mic – Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of a boom mic or an audio tech to hold one for you. So when it comes to film making, you might be relying solely on the mic attached to the camera. If so, then try to be conscious of where the mic is relative to the sound that you are attempting to capture. For example, if someone is talking, you will need to have the camera very close to them.

These are just some tips to help improve your videography skills. If you are a professional business then you do need professional help. If you’d like your video to look professional or would like some more tips then give Gold Media a call. We are a reputable company and one of the top video production companies in Toronto and the GTA. Call us today and book a free consultation.

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