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TLTV Ep 101 – Rattray Marsh

Rattray Marsh is an “environmental gem” located in a unique natural setting within the City of Mississauga. As the last remaining lakefront marsh between Toronto and Burlington , this environmentally sensitive wetland is home to a variety of wildlife and plants and a definite must see for avid bird watchers, photographers and nature lovers.

Secured by The CVC (Credit Valley Conservation) in 1972 and officially opened in 1975, Rattray represents many things to its visitors. Some remember how it was saved from the developer who planned to fill it in and build homes, while others remember it as a living classroom where they came for guided tours to learn about nature.

The CVC, along with local residents and other interest groups have implemented numerous trail upgrades in order to preserve the area’s many sensitive features. Raised platforms allow for wider and higher pathways designed to keep visitors on the main trails and the natural areas undisturbed. The popular waterfront trail travels through the property but there is no cycling allowed in the conservation area.

In this episode we’ll start by checking out the view of downtown Toronto as we enter Rattray Marsh from popular Jack Darling Park. Once we enter you will soon see the large marsh that is the centrepiece of the park. We’ll walk along the raised walkways throughout the marsh, seeing the stream that meanders through it and the Canada Geese that call the marsh home. You’ll also spy a bit of the very pricey real estate that is located on the strip of land between the marsh and Lake Ontario.

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