TLTV Ep 99 – The Necropolis Cemetery

Located in the Cabbagetown area of Toronto (more on that in a future episode of TLTV!) The Necropolis Cemetery is likely the oldest remaining cemetery in The GTA. Comprising 18 acres, it was opened to replace the Potter’s Field which was located on the north-west corner of Bloor and Yonge Streets and had simply become too crowded. The first interment in the Necropolis took place on May 22, 1850. Within these ground are buried many of those originally interred in Potter’s Field including citizens in every walk of life and some who occupied positions of eminence in the city. The present chapel, and lodge were built in 1872. The crematorium, the first in Ontario, was opened in 1933. In the grounds are numerous interesting memorials and many unusual species of trees and shrubs.

The cemetery has a lonely, slightly eerie feel even at midday. That is likely because of the large old trees that provide lots of darker shaded areas as well as a number of secluded small valleys throughout the grounds. Even so, this place is definitely worth the trip. As you will see in the video it is full of beautiful old reminders of long ago.

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