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Whew! That Was A Close One!

Have you ever turned on your computer and your external hard drive suddenly isn’t recognized by your PC?  I had that happen this morning.  :-(

One of my 1TB hard drives, containing all my early video work, wasn’t appearing in my list of drives.  Not only that, but I was getting an error message saying that the computer (a Macbook Pro) couldn’t access that hard drive.  Uh oh!

It’s common for hard drives to fail after a couple of years, and I could now foresee a trip to Best Buy to buy a new one today.  I was also thinking about all the data I was going to lose.  Well, after trying something VERY simple that I read online this morning, that hard drive is now up & running again.

I tried re-initializing the drive, tried plugging it into other Macs and Windows PCs, tried re-partitioning it — all to no avail.  Then I went online and did a search for “Data Rescue”.  I found a site with top-ranked data rescue software.  I was about to buy a copy and try it out, but read some of their FAQs first.  There was a FAQ regarding what to do when your hard drive isn’t recognized by your computer.  It recommend trying to turn the power off on the hard drive (mine is usually powered on all the time) and rebooting the computer.  I did that, and lo and behold, the icon for the hard drive appeared on my desktop!!!  I ran Mac’s Disk Utility, it scanned that hard drive, and it says that it is fine.  :-)

From now on, if one of my hard drives suddenly isn’t recognized by my computer, I’m going to try the power-down method first.

All the best,
– John

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