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Why Video Production Is the Best Method of Advertising?


When we think about advertising, the retail and food industry often come to mind first. These are businesses that need a lot of marketing due to robust competition. However, it is not just these industries that need to up their advertising game in Toronto, ON.

The Rise of Industrial Photography

Industrial companies are looking for more ways to engage their target audience. That audience can be direct consumers, vendors, or investors. The challenge lies in the perception that manufacturing companies are dull, rigid, and too serious.

For this reason, manufacturers are pivoting to more accessible ways to advertise. Digital marketing is growing in popularity even in the industrial sector. This is where the video production industry comes in.

The Impact of Video and Photography Services “Near Me”

Videos are a crucial part of content marketing. It is a great way to give a voice and visual connection to your industry. It is also an effective advertising tool. In fact, research shows that 80% of video marketers say videos helped them improve sales and profit.

Here are some reasons why video production is ideal for advertising industrial companies in Toronto, ON:

  1. Everyone is watching videos online

Did you know that according to 2021 statistics, more than a billion hours of videos on YouTube are watched every day? The hard truth is that everyone is online watching videos on various platforms. This is an excellent resource to tap into for industrial companies.

2. Creating shareable content

Word of mouth has always been an effective marketing strategy. Through online marketing, shareable content can have the same effect.

Investing in professional industrial photography ensures that your business produces high-quality content. The better the quality, the more people want to share your videos.

3. Improving sales margins

In the video production industry, there are plenty of ways to present your brand. You can create virtual tours, how-to videos, your company’s success story, and more. These examples are the perfect types of content to engage your target audience and advertise your business.

The more customers that are engaged, the more opportunities you have in increasing your sales.

4. Measurable results

Video advertising, regardless of which platform, lets you measure views, engagements, and the like. Most platforms – like Facebook and YouTube, have analytics that can help you see how your videos are performing.

By viewing the analytics, it can give you a clearer picture of what is working and what needs to be done to create more success. Ideally, marketers suggest that videos should be less than 2 minutes long in order to get the most views and engagement.

Need an Industrial Photo Studio?

Are you looking for video and photography services “near me?” Open up more opportunities for your company by venturing into multi-media advertising tools!

Make sure that your content creates the best image of your business. Do this by choosing professional photography and video production company like Gold Media in Toronto.

We are a full-service video production and industrial photo studio. We create high-quality content for your various business needs.

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