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Commercial photos are high-quality images taken of your products, services, or company. These are used largely for marketing purposes. They help showcase your various offerings, pique interest, and influence the buying decisions of your target customers.

With more and more businesses shifting to online marketing, it’s crucial to invest in commercial photography for business. These can be used for various purposes, from website images, media for online selling platforms, social media content, and more.

We are available for on-site and in-studio shoots in Toronto. Discuss your requirements and book a photo session in minutes! We make commercial photography as easy as can be:

  • Creative team of professional photographers.
  • Trusted by the biggest businesses in the city.
  • Review and touch-up your photos immediately.
  • Professional photo editing.
  • All equipment required for the shoot is provided by us.

Types of Photography Projects We Work On

There are several types of photography used for commercial purposes. Whatever product or service you’re selling, commercial photos are sure to make you stand out.

  1. Product Photography this is one of the most used types, capturing images of products or services to drive sales.
  2. Food Photography – these capture photos of various food items, usually for restaurants, food chains, and other food items for sale. Commercial photographers in Toronto usually work with food stylists for this.
  3. Fashion Photography – these shoots are done to showcase various clothing or fashion-related items. They are usually done in studios with the help of models.
  4. Architectural Photography – these capture buildings, structures, or landscapes for commercial use, usually to showcase architectural design.
  5. Lifestyle Photography – similar to product photography where they capture product images. However, this is done by integrating the products into everyday life.
  6. Portrait Photography these are often used to promote people on job applications, company websites, and other business media.

Benefits of Professional Toronto Commercial Photography

Investing in professional photos can be one of the best decisions you can make. They can go a long way in showcasing your products and services.

Commercial photographers have the right skills, knowledge, and equipment to produce the best-looking images for your business. They know how to showcase your products in the most effective way, from the angle, lighting, and more.

Getting professional photos is sure to help you:

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Boost your corporate business perception
  3. Improve your online presence
  4. Build client trust
  5. Increase your business sales and profit

Professional photographs instill pride in your products and services. Whatever marketing materials you have, high-quality images will always make you confident about your brand.

Commercial Photography in Toronto

Looking for commercial portrait photography near you? Make sure you work with an agency that makes getting professional photographs easy.

Our 1-2-3 Process

  • Step 1: Preparation
    A photographer will discuss your goals for the shoot. We will determine the best lighting setups and locations. Explain specific preferences or share reference photos at this time.
  • Step 2: Shooting
    Our Toronto business photographer will meet you at the location, or the studio will be prepared for you on the day of the shoot. You will work with a professional team that makes shooting fun. Get tips and tricks to appear natural in portraits. For product photography, our team will help you find the best ways to capture your products.
    Preview photos during the session and suggest touch-ups (in-studio only).
  • Step 3: Editing
    Your images will be prepared for your application and requirements. All photos are professionally edited by professional business photographers. Review the photos before they are finalized and make suggestions. Photos are shared over the internet for easy viewing and download online. Optionally available on physical media.

Looking for the Best Business Photographers in Toronto?

Gold Media works with all professionals and businesses in the city for commercial photographs. We have a full-fledged studio in Toronto and work with top talent in the industry.

We have worked with household names like:

  • RBC Dominion Securities
  • Mille Bernstein
  • Magnum Integrated Technologies
  • Turner Fleischer Architects Inc
  • Desjardins Financial
  • Rogers Communications
  • Arista Homes
  • And more!

Open your business up to more opportunities this year! Enhance your marketing materials both in-store and online with commercial photography from Gold Media. We are full-service photography and video production company. We have served Toronto, Mississauga, and the GTA for years, helping showcase clients in the best way. Our team understands the importance of the right images for marketing your business. As such, we always make sure we get you the best results. Whether you need commercial photographers, corporate event photographers, or the like, we can help! Contact us today and get a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial photography is any type of photography that is created for commercial use. This is could be photos for advertising, food photography, fashion photography (the kind you would see in magazines), etc. These photos need to be high-quality and taken from the best angles possible because their purpose is to entice customers and generate sales.

Photography means photos of any kind with no specific purpose. This could include artistic photos, photos taken to preserve memories, or photos taken simply for personal enjoyment. Commercial photography has a purpose: they are photos that are taken specifically for commercial use.

The goal of commercial photography is to sell a product or service. People also use commercial photography to promote their brands. Since the purpose of these photos is to sell something, they need to be visually appealing and look professional and enticing.

They can be, depending on how a person uses them. If you are trying to sell yourself as a service—for example, you offer freelancing services or you are an actor—then headshots are considered a form of commercial photography because you are trying to sell yourself as a brand.

Commercial photographers take photos intended for commercial use. They figure out the best angles and lighting for the pictures, and they figure out a way for a product to look it’s best so that people will want to buy it. For example, commercial photographers take pictures of plastic or “fake” food to sell real food because pictures of plastic food look better than the actual food.

A commercial photographer is anyone who has ever taken a photo used in a commercial setting. Some photographers specialize in commercial photography, while others take the same care with all their photography regardless of what the purpose of the photo is.

The cost depends on many things: how many photos are needed, the location and complexity of the shoot, how long it takes to get the job done, etc.

A full day of shooting can range anywhere between $1000-$5000. A headshot session can cost from $75-$500. It all depends on what you need and the experience of the photographer you hire.

Yes, commercial photography can be very lucrative. However, it is a competitive business, and like any industry, only a lucky few will make extreme wealth. Still, many commercial photographers can make a comfortable living.

If you are residing in Toronto, Mississauga, or the GTA, then you are in luck. Gold Media are the professional photographers near you that offer many services, such as commercial photography, event photography, and personal corporate headshots, to name a few.

Gold Media are the commercial photographers you can trust to make your products and services stand out and look their best. Call us at (416) 526- 8237 or message us for more details.



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