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If you need construction photography for documentation or other promotional purposes in Toronto, you need a professional photographer that specializes in taking construction site photography.

Here at Gold Media, we are a Toronto-based photography company that offers a variety of construction site photography and construction video production depending on what your goal is. Whether it is to create:

  • Promotional and Marketing Materials
  • Safety Brochures and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Progress Photo Portfolios
  • Project Analysis Documentation

We can handle it!

Types of Construction Site Photography

There are many reasons why your company may want to book a construction photoshoot, including:

Construction Progress Photography

This is crucial to keep your clients in the loop. With a professional handling your pictures, not only is it one less thing to worry about, but they know the right angles and lighting to use to showcase how much progress you’ve made in the best way possible. As an added bonus, having high-quality photos will assure your client of what a true professional you are.

Construction progress photos can also help you track how far you’ve come along and assist you in staying organized and on time for any future project. Construction time-lapse photography is a valuable tool for progress and monitoring reports and is also ideal for educational and training purposes, such as safety training presentations.

Before and After Photography

Similar to construction progress photos, these photos will showcase how much work you and your crew have done and how fantastic your finished project looks. These photos impress investors big time and can be used in future presentations. Show the transformation of your construction site with industrial photography that do you and your team justice.

Construction Drone Photography

Drone construction photography is a process that involves using a drone to take pictures from above the construction site. With drone photography we can take pictures in an almost cinematic type way, taking sweeping pictures from almost any angle.

Drone construction site photography can be used for education purposes, but because of the quality and the angles you can hit with the drone device, the photos make for fantastic promotional material for websites and presentations to arouse the attention of any potential buyer or stakeholder.

Construction Aerial Photography

There are other ways we can conduct a construction aerial photography session if you do not want to work with a drone. We understand that in some situations there could be safety concerns and legality issues with using a drone, but that doesn’t stop us from snapping fantastic overhead shots by other means. Regardless of what you require, we can come up with a plan for you!

We like to discuss all your choices upfront during a consultation that way we can help you pick the best option for you!

Gold Media: Construction Photography Torontonians Rave About

If you are local to Toronto or the surrounding area and are looking for construction photography near you, done by a company with the experience and equipment that ensures a high-quality final product, Gold Media is the company to call!

Contact us or call us at 647-557-8098 for your next construction site photoshoot and see the difference quality makes!



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