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Our availability books up quickly, so please book early to reserve your time. Click here to contact us to discuss how we can help with your photo / video needs. We will happily provide you with a guaranteed quote. Upon completion of post-processing you will receive all photos/videos on a USB thumb-drive or by FTP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional office photography focuses on bringing any office to life. This is through capturing the different parts of an office and company, from the space to different events, and its people. These photos are vital when you want to improve your website and other marketing materials both in-office and online.

Taking photographs with any type of tool or equipment can be considered photography. However, professional photography entails being able to make a profit from photographs, the quality of the work done, and the resources behind this work. It’s a type of photography that’s considered a business and not just a hobby. Professional photographers are those that can be hired to take photos for a fee.

Professional office photography can be referred to in various ways, depending on the type you choose. One of the most common is portrait photography, which are photos of your team. Other types include product photos, office environment photos, and event photography. Each of these types is beneficial for marketing your brand and your business.

There are many elements to shooting an office space. One is lighting. Shooting using natural light makes the office space more vibrant. When shooting a room, always shoot from the corner. This gives the space more dimension. Lastly, always show enough, but not all of your space to leave viewers curious.

Professional photos are those that look polished and organized. These types of photos tell a story, even with just a single photo. They have the right colour, angle, and composition. Lastly, these photos always have a focal point. Often, professional photos go through a touch of editing before showing the final results.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing professional photography is the assurance that you will get high-quality photos. This is because professional photographers have the right equipment and editing software to create stunning results. Professional photographers also know the right light, look, and angle to produce great-looking photographs that engage your target audience.

Professionals take office photos by starting with doing their research. This can mean getting to know your company and your office space. This guides them through the right flow and setup of the shoot. They make sure to cover their bases, depending on your requirements. This can include photos of your office, products, and team.

Photography for professional offices is important because it allows you to showcase your company. These photos can help set your business apart from other similar brands. Because humans are naturally visual, these photos are vital to your marketing strategy. This allows you to have memorable visual displays, whether online or in-office.

Professional office photography can be done by many photographers in Toronto. However, Gold Media is your leading professional photography and video production company. Get professional photos for your office space, products, and team courtesy of our experienced photographers. We have the right knowledge, skill, and equipment to deliver vibrant, eye-catching photos for your business.



We are a full-service professional photography and video production company serving Toronto, Mississauga, the GTA, and more. In business since early 2000, we have helped hundreds of clients look their best, show off their products, feature their property, and more.

We take pride in providing full-service video production and pro photography to our valued clients. We have the camera gear, lenses, lighting, audio equipment, backdrops, green screens, makeup, and professional editing to help you look your best. Whether it’s top-quality video, professional headshots, contemporary portraits, product photos, industrial settings, or real estate / architectural splendour, we make it look spectacular.