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5 Tips for Choosing a Professional Event Photographer


Don’t let your next big event pass you by without considering the services of an event photographer in Toronto. A photographer can take over the task of capturing the moment while you focus on the event running smoothly, instead of doing it yourself or trying to coordinate with others to make sure enough pictures are taken.

You can also feel confident that the pictures will look fantastic because they are not taken by someone who is inexperienced or distracted when enjoying the event themselves. But how can you know what makes a good event photographer? This blog will cover five tips and tricks that you can use to ensure that the professional event photographer you choose will do an amazing job.

What To Know Before Hiring an Event Photographer in Toronto

Research the Company

This should go without saying, but if you plan on working with a professional event photographer in Toronto, you should see some examples of their work beforehand. You should also research the company to find out how long they have been in business. Anyone can start a photography business, but to be successful for years is a statement of the quality the company can produce.

Request a Photographer That Specializes in Particular Events

Not all events are the same, which means there are nuances associated with each kind of event. For example, a child’s birthday party is a lot different than a corporate get-together. If you are looking for a corporate event photographer or corporate headshots in Toronto, you will want to work with someone who can create a professional look. On the other hand, if you are looking for event coverage photography for a children’s event, someone who likes children and can make them feel comfortable to take the best pictures possible is the right choice.

Ask About Equipment and the Editing Process

If you want to do a deep dive, ask what type of equipment your photographer uses or what is their post-production editing process. If you have some knowledge about photography, or a friend that does, it is important to understand that the company you’re hiring uses top-of-the-line equipment and methods. This will guarantee that your photos will be high-quality and edited well.

You may already know something about photography yourself, or have a friend who knows does, and they can let you know if the equipment is top of the line. You can also compare with other event video production Toronto to pick the best one.

Discuss Price Upfront

There are occasions where photographers will add extra charges to your bill that weren’t discussed at first. This possibility showcases the importance of discussing pricing upfront to not get surprised with additions at the end. At Gold Media, we believe in openly discussing your needs with you and then mapping out the investment required. We also have written contracts available to give you peace of mind.

Discuss Turn Around Time

We understand the excitement of waiting for your pictures from a big event. It is a good idea to ask your Toronto event photographer how long it will take them to edit and finish your photos and when the final product will be ready.

Don’t Let Your Next Big Event Pass You By

There are precious moments in life that come and go, and photos are one of the only keepsakes you can have to remember an event for the rest of your life. When you choose a professional event photographer in Toronto from Gold Media, you can guarantee the best quality photos possible.

For more information on your services or to talk to a professional event photographer in Toronto yourself, send us a message.

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