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Professional Event Photography In Toronto

Capturing the Essence of Toronto Events with Professional Photography


If you have a big event coming up, you may be wondering, “Who should I put in charge of taking photos? We have to have photos!”

Photography can seem simple enough, and with most people taking pictures from their phones nowadays, it’s common to assume there will be a lot of photos after an event. But, why risk something so important?

That is why hiring a professional to handle your event photography in Toronto is an excellent decision. The truth is that while nearly everyone has cell phones, there are often very few high-quality photos when the event comes to an end. With the support of a professional photographers, all attendees can enjoy their experience and know that beautiful photos will be available.

Event Photography: Big or Small, We Can Handle Them All

Every event is different, which means they require a unique approach and attention to detail. Our photographers are experienced in many different types of event photography in Toronto, including:

Kids Events

Any event photographer in Toronto worth a lick knows that at a children’s event, it is all about capturing the cutest photos of your kids. In fact, sometimes it feels like the only reason we throw these events is for the adorable photos we get to reminisce through afterward! Hiring a professional to handle your child’s event photography in Toronto gives you one less thing to worry about during the event, and you are guaranteed to get the best photos possible.

These precious moments only happen once, and kids grow up so fast! These stunning pictures capture the memories of these events, which means they act as treasured keepsakes that you can pull out years from now to look back fondly upon.

Corporate Events

With corporate events, the name of the game is professionalism. We want your company to look professional in every way possible so the corporate headshot photography can be used proudly, whether online or in print.

It is crucial to have a strong online presence in today’s digital world, and with our team of professionals handling your event photography in Toronto, your company’s reputation will be reflected accurately within the moments we capture from corporate events.

Weddings and Ceremonies

Weddings are one of the most celebrated and photographed events in an individual’s life. And we understand why! Wedding photos are extremely important to newly married couples, as they allow them to relive the “happiest day of their lives.” For these reasons, we employ photographers that specialize in wedding event photography in Toronto, because it requires a unique skill set.

We can also handle graduations, anniversary parties, local charity events; you name it, we can photograph it. If you are organizing an event and want quality pictures, we have the right photographer for the occasion.

Capture Your Next Event with Style

Looking for an event photographer in Toronto for your next occasion? Give us a call at Gold Media.

We would be happy to book a consultation with you to explain our process —from start to finish— and learn more about your needs. This will allow us to better understand what you’re looking for, as well as give you peace of mind that the photos will turn out exactly how you want them!

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