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Repetition Gets Results!


The importance of showcasing your videos multiple times.

When you have a professional video produced to market and promote your business, it’s essential to realize the importance of showing your video multiple times. This helps bring awareness and exposure to your business. It is one of the key elements to achieving great results.

Whenever you watch your favourite TV shows, how many times do you see the same ads repeated every 10 – 15 minutes? This is because the more times you’ve been exposed to an ad, the more likely you are to remember it… and may be influenced buy the product or service. This idea is the same for product or services that you want to promote online.

We all know TV ads are incredibly expensive but investing in a professionally produced video costs far less and can get you great results for increasing your business success and exposure.

Digital marketing is convenient and effective, as more people are online viewing social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, rather than reading printed magazines or newspapers. Flyers and pamphlets are often thrown out the moment you go through your mail, and printed marketing material can be expensive.

What’s great is that Facebook offers 2 options for showcasing your marketing videos:

  1. Generic Facebook posting
  2. Paid Advertising – Facebook only shows 5% viewership from your desired Facebook contacts

For the generic (or free) option, you simply post your video on your FB timeline. The problem is that FB will only let about 5% of your contacts see your post on their wall.

You need to post your video multiple times. This allows for a larger range of your contacts to be exposed to your video. Showing it over and over again, every week if possible, will ensure that a much greater percentage of your contacts get exposed to your video.

Showing your video only once is not enough to create a lasting impression. Like TV ads, they need to see it repeatedly before it sinks in. Don’t be concerned that you are going to annoy someone – they are browsing online. You aren’t taking them away from their favourite TV show.

For paid advertising on Facebook, you can specifically target who you want to view your marketing video by demographics, interests, location, and more. This ensures that the right people get to see your video, and this allows you to not waste your money showing the video to those who won’t be interested.

But the common factor for success in either way you post is to show your video MULTIPLE times!

If you’d like to find out more about our video production services and how we can help you promote and market your business online, contact Gold MEDIA today.

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