“Found In The Attic – The Vectrex Arcade System”

Here is a brochure from one of the most incredible and revolutionary consoles from the glory days of gaming systems — The Vectrex Arcade System.  I can still remember seeing this system in the stores.  These were the days of Atari & Intellivision … 8 bit systems that had to be connected to your tv.  Then along came Vectrex, with it’s own screen (making it theoretically portable) and featuring hi-tech vector graphics.  I was stunned.  Of course, it wasn’t cheap (I seem to recall a figure of $600 back in the early 80s), so I could only dream about owning one.
I had forgotten about the Vectrex until seeing one in a vintage gaming shop about five years ago.  Now I find this brochure stored away in my folks’ attic.  These experiences brought me right back to the day I saw Vectrex in stores.
I still think the Vectrex is a very important console in the history of gaming & computers, and here is the brochure that shows it off.  Enjoy!

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