TLTV Ep 107 – Cheltenham Badlands

Looking distinctly like Martian topography, the Cheltenam Badlands are a bizarre and extremely rare geographical spectacle that lie hidden in the Caledon Hills. The cause of this phenomenon was poor farming practices and overgrazing in the 1930’s that lead to soil erosion and exposed the underlying shale.

This site is now an Earth Science Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI) and is part of the local UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. It was acquired by the Ontario Heritage Foundation in 2000 and is under the care of the Bruce Trail Association. Unfortunately, visitors to the site often walk all over the formations, hastening their erosion and eventual demise.

In this episode we’ll get a look at The Badlands on a weekday when there are very few people visiting the site. We’ll view the unique red and white hills (from a respectful distance) that make up this amazing place.

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